The Demonstay is a combination of the words Develop / Monster / Stay and the place where the monster is under development is still unfinished, but it is meant to be a space that is ready to be shown to the public soon. Demonstay is working on the concept that only monsters are designed, produced, and created. Through the homepage and the SNS, work processes and works are constantly open to the public. In the future, I will make unique and funny monsters with unique look and unique work on monsters. Currently there are three series of Phantom Monsters / Mutant Show / Golem Warriors.


Phantom monsters have special eyes that can see evil spirits, and they tell you that they protect you from evil spirits that appear in a certain form using fear that they fear. We sell it as original product / limited edition product, and it is proceeding with pre-order method of small quantity production.



We are designing and producing original mutants in the sense of “show mutation”. In addition, due to the nature of the series, some of the excitement is part of the excitement. It is sold only as a limited edition product, and it is proceeding in a small quantity pre-order method.



Golem Warriors is a concept created by the legendary golems used in the war. It is produced in a unique way and only one product is produced.